Thank you to ALL VOLUNTEERS!

Symphony Columbus, which has taken over for Symphony Strong, has been the backbone of support for the musicians of the Symphony. They have tirelessly worked to coordinate volunteers, spread the word, sell those unique T-shirts so our message will be brightly displayed by users and pique the curiosity of those who don't know what's happening, greet supporters as they come to concerts, gather information on possible future supporters, and many, many other tedious but vital tasks.

It takes countless hours to gather and organize volunteers who wish to help but need a specific task to be useful. Mary Greenlee, David Greenlee, Pam Conley and a host of others (including Donna Gerhold, Jonquil Tanner and Jayne Gocken) have offered a huge amount of their time, expecting no more than a thank you.

I'm sure I can speak for all the musicians in saying :


We couldn't have done this without you. And with your help, there is now hope that we can have a great Symphony in Columbus, as we know everyone wants.

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3 comments for “Thank you to ALL VOLUNTEERS!

  1. Donna Gerhold
    July 29, 2008 at

    David: It has been a real privilege to be of some service to the musicians during this hastily assembled summer season. Our volunteers have been such a joy, willing to jump in and do whatever is needed in order to keep the front end of the house running smoothly. Thanks for the opportunity! Donna

  2. Jayne Gocken
    July 28, 2008 at

    We should thank YOU for continuing to make such beautiful music in spite of the incredible odds. I am so amazed that these concerts have happened…to be a part of this magical experience is an honor. I am glad I can help in a small way to keep the music alive in Columbus.
    I appreciate your kind words and this wonderful forum you have provided for all of us to stay in touch.

  3. Mary Greenlee
    July 28, 2008 at

    A very nice thank you David. The words, on behalf of the musicians, are indeed sweet and welcome. May I suggest that you add Jonquil Tanner, Donna Gerhold and Jayne Gocken to the list of those who have organized willing volunteers for the musicians’ summer concerts. They can pass along your kind words via email. It has been our pleasure to help you deliver your fine musical sounds to the community.

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