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Ever since my blog became a central place to disseminate information and opinions on the Symphony crisis, I have lost track of my original purpose for it: to write about music and life as a performer. Though I have gotten heavily involved, as I and all the musicians must, I would like to go back to writing about clarinet, reeds, mouthpieces, my favorite pieces, and other issues specific to my vocation.

So, I created a blog for all of you: musicians, supporters, detractors, volunteers, donors, and music lovers in general. ANYONE can write a post or comment. To comment, just click on the "COMMENTS" link at the bottom of any post you wish to comment on. To post you can send me your email and I'll register you.

Several substantial posts by other writers have already appeared, notably one by Greg Kufchak, a professional recording engineer in Columbus, and whose son is an extraordinarily talented cellist. Here is his most recent article, Withholding of funding by major donors a referendum.

The blog is listed in the sidebar on the right side of the blog. It's the Columbus Symphony Musicians Blog.

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  1. Greg Kufchak
    July 20, 2008 at

    Thanks for the kind words, David. While my User Profile is publicly available on the Columbus Symphony Musicians Blog, I just thought I would share my abbreviated bio here as well:

    With over 30 years experience as a technical & business support professional in the field of Information Technology, I am a past vice president of the Columbus Symphony Youth Orchestra Association. I am also a graphic artist & designer; an audio/video producer; a luthier, owning & operating my own shop; and a composer & arranger. Our 6 children are all accomplished string players, 2 of whom have performed in Carnegie Hall.

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