Mozart’s Café Chamber festival a Success

I just arrived home after a stimulating and busy day. I have to thank Mozart's Café and Bakery for hosting a delightful evening (5-9 PM) of music and food. Everyone had a great time. Luckily the hot weather let up a bit so people could spill out onto the patio and listen to the music from afar. But no one minded. They mingled in and out if they wanted to hear one piece close up.

All the musicians involved, David Niwa, Ariane Sletner, Ken Matsuda, Luis Biava, David Thomas, Betsy Sturdevant, Robert "Woody" Jones, and Mariko Kaneda seemed to have fun playing a great variety of chamber music, from duos to trios to solos with piano.

I enjoyed playing an early Divertimento, K 229, of Mozart, written originally for two clarinets and basset horn, but arranged for two clarinet and bassoon, with my colleagues, Betsy and Woody. There was a blend between the three of us which, on occasion, went beyond three instruments and became one instrument, like an organ. I have to admit, sheepishly, that we didn't rehearse. But we have played those same pieces together in the past, thought it was 15 years ago. I guess we have good memories.

I also felt at ease playing the Paul Jeanjean Carnival of Venice variations with the steady and focused accompaniment of Mariko Kaneda.

The food and pastries donated by Anand Saha, owner of Mozart's, were spectacular and complimented the European music beautifully.

I do not think I am presumptuous in saying that all those involved would love to do something like this again.

I know Columbus loves us.

Somehow the news that the CSO management has canceled more of next season's scheduled concerts seems like a mouse roaring in a cave. It appears to me like a vindictive and desperate move. Perhaps Columbus would agree. And only God and those in power in Columbus, I mean those REALLY in power, know why they seem to be trying to kill music in our City. Yet, perhaps God knows a bit better, and perhaps he is watching very closely.

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