Excitement and Nervousness

I am excited to be performing some concerts today, Friday July 11, and tomorrow, July 12. Yet I am also unusually nervous and anxious. Why should I be? I know the music I am about to play and have performed those pieces dozens of times. But this feels different.

There is so much riding on the upcoming concerts for me as an orchestral musician who has been in the orchestra since 1989. The mood and perception of the crowd could make or break one of our last hopes for showing that we don't need the board and management with their defeatist attitudes to survive and continue to play music for our beloved audiences.

Isn't it strange that the public's opinion has been ignored by board and management? Should that not be their goal? Especially in a democratic country? Yet, they are getting away with it, and the Columbus community needs to show them they are wrong with their attendance.

Suppose the audience is small for the huge Vets Hall? It will look so embarrassing for all of us. And the board will have their confirmation to continue as they have.

So I'm nervous for YOU, too! I want us, musicians and audience, to band together in a new kind of solidarity between two traditionally separated parts of the live music making experience.

I want to play my best for you. And I hope you want to be the BEST possible audience we could ever have. Show us how you really feel. We'll feel it. You'll feel it. The board will also feel it and fear it.


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1 comment for “Excitement and Nervousness

  1. jayne
    July 11, 2008 at

    The upcoming concerts are important as David notes. We must show our support if we expect to continue to see our beloved CSO musicians in concert in the future. They are working hard to make this happen, in the hopes that the audience will respond. The Management and current Board of Directors seems to have forgotten what this is all about. Beautiful music!

    I know I will be there on Saturday and I hope to see the hall full…it seats over 3000! If you want the CSO to survive now is your opportunity to send that message by coming out to hear them play.

    Then the musicians will know they have an audience. And the Board and management will see that with the right approach, they can make this orchestra successful.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have mentioned to friends that I am attending a concert, and they repond in surprise…they didn’t know the orchestra was playing that night! Clearly there is a lot that can be done to promote the concerts and the wonderful performances of these fantastic musicians.

    If you have ever considered coming to a CSO concert, now is the time.

    Jayne Gocken

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