Wading through Columbus’ Arts Quagmire

Ron Spigelman of Sticks and Drones, a music culture blog written by two conductors, makes an admirable foray into the swamp of Columbus cultural politics with his analysis of the Dispatch's article announcing the creation of a second arts panel.

The situation can be summed up with the following analogy, which also applies to board's decision to, among other things, cancel the Summer season, withhold ticket sales for next year, and terminate its contract with the musicians.

A reasonably healthy patient is bleeding to death from wounds inflicted by her doctors to "improve" her health. The doctors responsible for her care have decided to withhold blood, water and nourishment, so as not to waste any, in case she dies. They also decide to call in a second panel of doctors to advise them on how they might save the patient. When asked if the decision to withhold life support might affect the patient's health, the lead doctor replies, "Terminating life support will not have any affect on the patient's health".

It's like something out of Monty Python! Except the patient is real and the doctor culpable.

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1 comment for “Wading through Columbus’ Arts Quagmire

  1. Brett Allen
    June 10, 2008 at

    The last sentence of the second to last paragraph should read:

    “Terminating life support will not have any affect on the patient’s DEATH.”

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