Letters from Jan Ryan

My friend Jan Ryan keeps the heat on Robert "Buzz" Trafford. Her questions need to be asked, or perhaps demanded, of the entire Board of Trustees.

I've heard more people say to me, "How embarrassing for Columbus that this board couldn't get their act together!"

To: Robert Trafford
Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur

Dear Mr. Trafford:

I have enclosed a letter I wrote to the president of National City Bank.

On several occasions you have been quoted as saying that the corporations of Columbus are tired of donating money to an organization that is not solvent.

I believe you have an onus to tell the public just which corporations you have contacted before the demise of the Symphony.

Anticipating your prompt reply,

Jan Ryan

To: Peter Raskind
President National City Bank

Dear Mr. Raskind:

As a resident of Columbus, Ohio for over 40 years, I have been impressed with the many donations National City Bank has made to the Arts.

However, I am puzzled that you have not come forward, as far as I know, to assist the Columbus Symphony Orchestra at a time when its very survival is a stake.

The musicians and the board are at odds over why the symphony is in this difficult position. The former have asked for a mediator but nothing has been forth coming from the board. The board has stated that all decisions will be made by June 16, 2008.

Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,
Jan Ryan
CC: Buzz Trafford

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