Eerie Silence in Columbus

I feel like I'm in a bad dream, and that I'll wake up tomorrow to make music for Columbus, as I and my colleagues have done for decades.

Minnesota Orchestra HallA friend just returned from an audition trip to Minneapolis, MN. She described the area around the Orchestra Hall as intensely marketed toward the symphony: a huge poster of their Music Director, Osmo Vänskä, Symphony Restaurants, Symphony Apartments. The whole area boasts of and features the symphony.

Here in Columbus, the silence is eerie from those who should know better: our Symphony Board, our Columbus City Council, our Mayor Coleman, our Greater Columbus Arts Council, our Governor Strickland, the Columbus Partnership, the Dispatch "Ohio's Greatest Newspaper", and those whose job it is to do what has been done in Minneapolis, make their orchestra everyone's orchestra.

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1 comment for “Eerie Silence in Columbus

  1. Julia Rose
    June 5, 2008 at

    Hear, hear, David. Columbus does not realize the possibility of using the orchestra for its own benefit. The corner of Broad and High is a gaudy, spectacular façade, with nothing behind it; just a bunch of lights, bells and whistles. How about something real to brag about? The CSO resides in a recessed alley away from the street- the part that faces the street is CAPA territory and they do what they want with it, which is nothing but a marquee, the CHEAP solution.

    I am from Minnesota, and Minneapolis is a city that really cares about their arts. The Minnesota Orchestra owns their own hall so they can display Osmo Vänskä or whomever they want as big and large as they want. They are even planning a $90 million renovation of their concert hall, which was only built in 1974! Various real estate planners there realized long ago that people will want to live downtown if there is a good reason, like being able to WALK to see the symphony. Not many want to live in a downtown Columbus condo because there’s NOTHING THERE. C’mon Columbus, get with it!

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