Columbus Symphony Board, Guilty of Orchestracide

Here a paragraph from Abu Bratche's post titled, What's the opposite of accountability?, about the CSO board.

The single biggest weakness in the American non-profit sector is the complete absence of consequences for the people who really run non-profits. The board of the Columbus Symphony – no one else – is responsible for killing the enterprise which was entrusted to them. But they don’t lose their jobs, or have to find new careers, or get shunned at parties, or told by the local media that they’re selfish and unreasonable. They don’t even get thrown off the board. They just continue to be board members, except of course that now they don’t have to raise any money. And, unless their bylaws are written differently than those of most non-profits, they can continue to choke the life out of the institution long after it’s dead before anyone from outside can do anything about it.

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