Why Buzz Trafford has failed Columbus

On May 13, Drew McManus posted an article called Columbus' Smoking Gun, with the most important points made yet about the Symphony crisis. (He referred back to it in a recent post, and it struck me as important to repeat it here)

If the Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO) is destined to die, then patrons and the local community at-large deserve to know why the fatality should be investigated as a homicide. To that end, it is time to go hunting for clues and as it turns out, there's a smoking gun at the crime scene…

In the CSO's case, the barrel is still hot from the executive board's decision to suspend 2008/09 subscription sales, or more precisely, the timeline related to that decision making process. The executive board's decision to forego subscription renewals in February, 2008 and new subscriptions shortly thereafter, was made as early as January, 2008 even though the organization's executive director described the plan as "injurious" to the 2008/09 season.

The article continues with an indepth analysis which is worth reading.

The looming question is this: why fatally wound the patient you are trying to save?

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