Tony Beadle lacks passion for CSO

Today's Dispatch article, Public efforts springing up to aid symphony, gave me a little boost this morning when I saw it. Until I read the last paragraph, that is.

The reporters highlighted the numerous efforts around Columbus to raise money, awareness and especially passion for the orchestra. Every bit counts when an arts organization reaches out for support. It's about much more than dollars. Passion and optimism are money in the bank. People look to the arts to help them rise above the fray. It pays well over the long run to validate those passionate emotions.

Among the efforts described were those of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra League (CSOL), the students of OSU, and a new online group called Symphony Strong, which organized a very successful event at the Worthington Hills Country Club. Our music director, Junichi, also works tirelessly to help save us, a rare and unusual gift from his position, which usually remains aloof of internal problems of their orchestras. (I wonder what his manager is thinking?) Unfortunately, lacking mention was the Women's Association of the Columbus Symphony, which has an important history of supporting the CSO.

They also featured some background on the two recitals I gave at my home. One phrase summed up the optimistic tone of the article, "But the music trumped the money."

Every word counts. Even Tony Beadle's words.

His final words were, "At the end of the day, people have to understand that we've got a huge dinosaur here that has to be fed 500 bales of hay a day."

Dinosaur?! Ah, Mr. Beadle. The musicians and supporters thank you for such passionate and optimistic leadership in the midst of our crisis.

It should be known that, despite being two years into his tenure, Mr. Beadle has yet to move to Columbus in any permanent fashion. It seems Columbus is only a temporary stop off for him before moving on. I wish him well where ever he goes.

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3 comments for “Tony Beadle lacks passion for CSO

  1. July 21, 2008 at

    Mr. Ha, perhaps you were the naysayer who also wrote a similar comment on the Symphony Musicians Blog. You seem to know a lot about the history of orchestra and players, implying you are in the music business. If you are, perhaps you should get out of music, since your attitude is definitely killing the positive future of live classical music. Go run something like a sweatshop or a slave labor camp, more suited to your sensibilities.

    Also, I can only dream of sounding as good as Buddy Wright or Marcellus, just like they only dreamed of sounding as good as Bonade or Mclane.

  2. Albert Ha
    July 21, 2008 at


    The REALLY GOOD NEWS is that you’ll have plenty of time soon to practice the Mozart clarinet concerto. The unfortunate part is that you’ll never sound as good as Buddy Wright.

    Enjoy unemployment….

  3. Richard "Kelly" Young
    May 15, 2008 at

    Dear David,

    I just stumbled onto your Web site while following the trails of stories about the awful situation in Columbus. Your words ring true and noble and I wish for you and your CSO colleagues the best in this trying time.

    With fond memories of the summer of 1986 in Austria.

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