The to-do list, needed by yestertomorrow!

Drew McManus at Adaptistration has given us the most comprehensive and constructive game plan to date. This block of suggestions is from his detailed overview of our current state, Columbus' Smoking Gun. I post it here for all to see, including Dispatch reporters, Board members, Management and Patrons. Let's get the show on the road, literally! There's music to be made.

1. The musicians' current offer to reduce operating expenses for the 2008/09 season by at least $500,000 is adequate ground for both sides to reach a minimum one-year agreement by the end of June.

2. Retract the decision to cancel the summer season.

3. Begin selling 2008/09 subscriptions immediately.

4. Acquire several new executive board members who embrace the concept that responsible governance is only obtainable when board leaders accept a minimum degree of personal and professional risk; i.e., "no one ever cut their way to success" (Granted, easier said than done but not impossible).

5. Craft a new strategic plan that includes detailed artistic goals and the financial requirements necessary to reach those goals that satisfies both board and musician bargaining concerns.

6. Design and launch an endowment campaign by the end of the 2008/09 season.

7. Inspire confidence through competence: no one wants to get involved with an organization sinking in debt nor do they want to get involved with an organization that alienates and denigrates employees or forces them into a position to lash out at those responsible for governing the institution.

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