Letter to Tony Beadle from Bob & Pat Nichols

I met Bob and Pat through email exchanges after one of my mass email letters. They attended both my recitals and have contributed enthusiastically to the brainstorming about or Symphony crisis.

Pat is presently an active volunteer in two WACSO units and Bob is a retired Architect. They have lived in Columbus enjoying the CSO for 52 years and have a daughter who studied flute with both Phyllis and Randy Hester, was a winner in piano in the Symphony Junior Youth Competition, placed second in the Senior Concerto competition and has a music degree from Indiana University.

Dear Mr. Beadle...

The action of the board/administration [canceling the summer season] is very, very sad, and I will add, shocking, indeed.....

Someday, I am positive, the real motives and circumstances determining these bizarre results will be known. They certainly are NOT what you, or someone, articulated in the "Statement of the Board and Administration" dated May 8 I first saw posted on the musicians' web site, and I assume to be in the Dispatch tomorrow morning, if not later.. this has to be, it seems clear to me, a battle between some mysterious and hidden to the public (and I might add destructive) personalities, on or off of the board, that are determining these results.

I feel sorry for all of the sincere people trying to fulfill their responsibilities (musicians, administrators, and board members) caught here in the crossfire of others.

The most shocking thing to me, however, is the audacity in the referenced release to again lay responsibility for the circumstances and this FAILURE on the musicians. The ONLY entity here with any "bottom line" control or responsibility for the Columbus Symphony management, and accordingly this situation, both for the past leading up to and creating the present conditions, and for resolving now the problems, is the board and/or administration - I do not know which.

I can't even imagine what happens now with "galas" (so called), and already scheduled, and some held, fund raising events, educational youth programs, public confidence, etc..... the community will not easily overcome this, I assume you understood that!

And, really, what logic is there in canceling, what I understand is, a consistently profitable venture - like the "outdoor" season - UNLESS the motivation (whose?) IS simply to cease operations?

Tony, if in your judgment there is ANY spark of hope or optimism here (or even if not), please - please, as quickly as possible, lead the board/administration to employ a mediator/consultant to guide the parties through to a resolution! It is ultimately clear a resolution will NOT come from any other means. Failure to do so implies to me the board/administration goals have already been met - please think about it, again!

Bob Nichols

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