Letter from Katherine Mero

Katherine grew up loving the arts and studied ballet through college. She lives in New Albany. She wrote this Letter to the Dispatch Editor in response to the Musician's plan to save the Symphony:

Bravo to the musicians of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra for taking initiative in helping to solve the financial crisis that they have been under for the past few years!

It is starting to become apparent to me how egregiously irresponsible the Board (or those in control on the board) has been with the symphony's money.

In the report that was issued by the musicians and Dan LaMacchia, I was absolutely astounded that the non-musician expenses had exceeded the budget through 2004-2007 by 6.5 million! It's no wonder that the symphony has been posting deficits the past few years.

When you add to that a non-existent fundraising campaign (with the exception of the Board's preferred at-the-last-minute "bridge" fundraising) and advertising that I have to actively search for in the local media, it becomes clear that this Board is not living up to its responsibilities to support and fund this orchestra.

Also, these financial facts about the symphony are fairly easy to discover and makes it laughable that Robert "Buzz" Trafford could say that the "stockbroker" (he's lowered himself to insulting a respectable certified public accountant who donated his time and expertise) doesn't have his facts right.

I think it's time for the community to come together and push for a new management and Board. We cannot afford to lose this orchestra and all the gifts it has given the community. Let's solve the immediate deficit, get an endowment started, and put this orchestra on a path to financial stability.

Katherine Mero

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