Letter from Gisela Josenhans

Gisela is an active supporter of the Symphony and the arts in Columbus and a member of the Women's Association of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.

The source of the death knell for the beloved Columbus Symphony Orchestra has revealed itself in the May 16 Columbus Dispatch article about the multitude of community support efforts, the orchestra and the incredible conductor. Mr. Beadle's negative attitude and commentary at the end of the article says it all. Instead, he should have sung the praises of such efforts and embraced the widespread, creative energies of such efforts to maintain the symphony.

He apparently kept the true picture of the orchestra's financial condition to himself and the board, instead of facing the financial needs and undertaking the broad and creative development efforts that are required to maintain a first rate orchestra.

Several years ago, the musicians set such a wonderful example by giving up thousands of dollars from their salaries to allow the orchestra to continue. With the proper development and fund raising efforts, the community would have followed their example.

The orchestra contributes in innumerable ways to all our lives. It is a shame that mismanagement, or perhaps neglect, or perhaps a less than supportive attitude of the management and some trustees has resulted in the risk of loss of this resource.

Management needs to find a way to reinstate the Picnic with the Pops series as a way of preserving the orchestra and continuing to afford the public the tremendous joy of musical summer weekends.

The orchestra needs new management with community leaders who love the orchestra, who properly manage its finances and financing, and who will have an attitude that will foster creative and imaginative plans that will enable central Ohio to continue to enjoy the artistic excellence of the orchestra's exceptionally talented musicians and maestro.

Very truly yours,

Gisela E. Josenhans

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