GCAC abandons its symphony

Technicalities and protocol excuses aside, GCAC (Greater Columbus Arts Council) is failing Columbus with its plan to abandon funding for our Symphony before the dust has settled in our current crisis. The story is unfinished, yet they have publicized their intention to sign their names to a premature end. Is this the kind of leadership you want running your city's cultural engine? For once I can agree with Tony Beadle, the symphony's Executive Director, who is quoted saying, "It just sends a message of nonsupport to the community." They vote on the decision May 27th. You can contact them at GCAC.

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2 comments for “GCAC abandons its symphony

  1. May 17, 2008 at

    So sorry that your board has thrown in the towel. This news article today is disheartening. As an outsider on the other side of the country I am sending tsunami waves your way.

    On the lighter side, I have had some fun with Photoshop at the expense of recent comments by Tony Beadle posted in the Dispatch. His analogy of comparing the orchestra to a dinosaur hit a sour note in me.

    See my blog at brucehembd[dot]blogspot[dot]com. I hope it offers you some levity in what is otherwise an unbelievable travesty.

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