The Spirit of Performing

When performing music, I have to balance a "subjective" interpretation from an "objective" one. This means I need to pay attention to the notes on the page and composer's markings as much as my own interpretation of them. But both parts of the interpretation are important to good music making. The spirit of the music must be recreated, not just the notes and markings.

This week I had some trouble with my reeds warping. Those little pieces of cane don't like the dry weather of approaching winter. So it feels like I'm going to squawk all the time. Not a pleasant feeling when you need to be relaxed to phrase beautifully. A squeak on a clarinet is not a pretty thing. EVERYONE hears it. I used to have a giggling fit when ever someone squeaked. Now, as a pro, I look innocent, hoping everyone thinks it's my stand partner who did it. UGH!

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